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What we're all about

After purchasing your perfect 'blank canvas' find just the right glazes to create your masterpiece. Locate a comfy seat at one of our well-stocked tables and dive right in.  It's really that easy.

Spend as much time in our safe, well-lit, clean space to make your art juuuust right. 

Then... (the hard part.) You wait.

After we've released you back into the wild to continue spreading your magic, we get down to the real work that we do oh so well.

With a lot of training, the utmost attention to detail and thoughts and prayers received from various corners of the internet, we are able to painstakingly- and at great risk of bodily harm to no one- prepare your art for its final world debut.

This includes providing a clear top coat, applied in multiple stages, to ensure your art is perfectly sealed and slowly firing your piece over many hours at incredibly hot temperatures until the glass in the glaze becomes one with the piece.  

The entire process, including a short ritual under the darkness of a cloud enshrouded moon with our cats, takes about a week... (Yes, we know. A loooong week indeed. Filled with a percolating anticipation that you can actually feel mounting in the very marrow of your bones... Muwahahaha!!!)

There's no joy in making you wait that long before your treasure is ready for pick up. It's just the process.

 We also reuse all the packing material from our orders so you have the best materials to get your new art home. All we ask is that you properly recycle it when it's time. 

And remember, every piece is a perfect work of art when it's made with love.

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