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How It's Done

Step 1: Find that perfect project

We have hundreds of pieces to choose from. So be sure to take your time finding that special item you can really make all your own. From small practical items that can fill your home with a pop of more color to gifts for grandma and grandpa, our selection is huge. Plates, bowls, vases, figurines, cute things, big things, random things and even a few questionable things. And yes, of course there be dragons here.

Step 2: Pick your colors

With over 70 different colors of glazes to choose from, all of which are food safe, we're certain you'll find just the right color scheme for any level of imagination. Each color has its own fired tile to show you exactly how it'll look when its done. (The glaze goes on with a flat finish but pops into bright glossy color once cured/ fired). But don't let that wall o' glazes worry you any. Our staff are developed artists and can help with any color pallet questions you might have.

Step 3: Find a comfy seat

... And park it a while. We pride ourselves on offering a safe, welcoming and all -supportive environment for everyone. All skill levels are encouraged to take their time, relax and enjoy the process of creating. We want you to take full advantage of our facilities to achieve that perfect work of art.Sodas, teas, fancy coffees and a variety of munchies are available to help keep you focused up and going. (Coming soon: Take home kits will be available for a fee so you can get back home to the dogs.)

Step 4: Design, sketch and glaze

With your vision now firmly in mind, it's time to start... being artsy. Using the right pencil, you might wish to sketch outlines or patterns on your piece to help guide you through the project. You may wish to go free-hand. There is no such thing as an ugly piece of pottery. Well, except for that one piece I saw in that museum back in 1932. Simply hideous, I have to say.

Step 5: Take your time, make it perfect

It's finally time to put paint to pottery. Except the paint is really glaze and the pottery is more accurately called bisque at this point. When the glaze is applied, it dries to a flat, near pastel color. But rest assured, after your art is brought to a temperature of over 1200 degrees the color becomes bright, shiny and beautiful. Not to mention food safe, dishwasher safe and AWESOME. 

Step 6: Practicing patience

Oooo... now for the hard part. You leave your art work behind for us to fire. Give us about a week before collecting your fabulous new piece. It's an exciting week filled with anticipation and wonder. We hope you learn to enjoy the moments before the great reveal. Anticipation is a journey all on it's own. Now enjoy your one-of-a-kind piece of artwork and remember, with care, it could last over a hundred years. (That alone is pretty dog-gone cool in our eyes.)

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