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Motivational Mondays

20% Off all day

on everything in the store



Take Home Kits Now Available!

Everything you need to continue your piece at home, next to your dog and that glass of wine.  Included in the kit are up to five glazes of your choice, brushes, a painting pallet, a texture sponge, a tracing pencil and a small towel.

With a small fee ($10 to cover the logistics) and a deposit ($10 so we get the kit back- tradesies!). You can keep the kit for one month (+ an additional month if you let us know ya need to keep it.)

*Internet tip- Products may be purchased any time the store is open. Take advantage of our discount times and just pop in for an At Home Project. A ten minute visit to the shop may provide you dozens of hours of creative entertainment in the comfort of your own home. 

Early Bird Special

Start painting before 11AM Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday and get 20% off. Valid on all bisque throughout the store.

Recent Customer Art Projects

Just look at some of the awesome projects that have been created recently.

All skill levels are welcomed and encouraged to come explore their creative side. It's high time to stop hiding that artistic talent of yours and start exploring it. No need to spend thousands of dollars in equipment and supplies. We've got it all set up and ready to go... just waiting for you. So come on down and make something that could very well last for centuries.

Centuries!? How cool is that?

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